Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's September!

Hence, my new festive fall theme. I love fall -- apple picking, leaves turning, cooler weather. It's bliss. Not to mention preschool! Oh how we love preschool. Only three more days!

Of course, we had to send summer off, so on Labor Day we went to parent's house for a picnic. My sister Katie used her mad photography skillz to get some great pictures.

My sweet girl.

Greg hiding out in the quilt I made my sister.
So the other day I was talking to Kara, my super cool sister (in law) about kid stuff. She was mentioning how her son had all of the sudden developed new skills. Kids are just fascinating like that. It's kind of subtle, but all of the sudden you're saying: "Wait, you never did that before!" Elise has been doing that of late as well. She no longer just sort of sits staring out at the world. She is now interested in everything. Example: I was attempting put all the DVDs and CDs back into the TV stand after Greg had deconstructed it. I sorted the movies into kid and grown up piles and the kids pile of movies was right next to Elise in her Bumbo. A few weeks ago she might not have even noticed. Today she was all about knocking that pile over. Which is awesome, except I'm pretty sure Greg has the "Captain Destruco" position in the house firmly covered.

In Greg news, you can see him becoming such a kid, not my little baby or even toddler anymore. He comes out with the funniest things. Yesterday on the way to my parents he informed me the gathering would only count as a picnic if we were eating outside. On the grass. With a blanket.  The other day I was lamenting a small stain on my shirt. Here is the dialogue that ensued:

Me: I hope it will come out.
Greg: It will, but not until you wash it. Mommy! You should use that stain remover.
Me: What stain remover?
Greg: You put it on your clothes and the stain comes off!!!
Me: Oh, where did you learn about this?
Greg: I saw it on TV! You should get it mommy next time we are at the store.

His newest phrase is "That's fantastic!" He learned it from playing a game on PBS kids with the Cat in the Hat.

Poor Matt. I never blog about him. I shall now. He's back to school and super duper busy. Also, he's almost finished finishing the basement. Woohoo!  So....I guess that's all I've got. I suppose if he wants more coverage than that he can start his own blog.

I finally finished Katie's quilt, and am thrilled with how it turned out. I decided, what the heck, I guess maybe I could offer these for sale. So, I'm gearing up to start selling some of my quilting online. I figure, it can't hurt, and maybe I'll actually sell something.  The link to my quilt shop is, well, the only link on my blog.

So that's all for now! Enjoy the cooler weather :)