Thursday, June 17, 2010

So Elise must have read my last posting, and decided to compete with her brother because she has been smiling up a storm. When she wakes in the morning, or from a nap, she gives a smile that lights her whole face. When she's sleepy she gets a little delirious and alternates between whimpers and smiles. So so sweet. Of course, second child syndrome being what it is, we haven't gotten a picture of her smiling.

We went to a 5K walk today to support research for childhood cancers (go Molly's Frogs!). It was a nice walk, with shockingly few tears. On the way home, Greg was apparently getting sleepy so he asked "Mommy, is it ok if I go to sleep?" Apparently I've tickled his feet a few too many times in an attempt to get him to stay awake after we are out so I can get him to nap when we get home.

Matt and I are watching The Tudors in order to fill some of the void Lost has left in our hearts. I am watching it now and also falling asleep,s so I guess I should end this for now.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Two Months!

So Elise is two months old. Where did that time go? I remember when Greg was a baby, counting by each week until the golden 12 weeks (when I was assured! colic would stop) and it seemed to go by very very slowly. (PS - Colic did not stop at 12 weeks.) Elise will be 10 weeks on Friday, and while it seems like she has been here forever, it also has flown by.

So we had her two month appointment, and found out she weighs 10lbs 14 oz and is 24.5 inches long. That puts her in the 50th percentile for weight, and 95th+ for length. Apparently we make tall children. (Slightly amusing story: when the nurse measured her, she got 21 inches. I knew there was no way that was right, and the doctor thought the same thing so she remeasured her. Twice. And got 24.5 inches. Lesson to my fellow nursing students: always measure accurately, even if newborn is screaming her head off.)

Greg has always been in the 95th+ for heigh and length, so I decided to figure out how much he weighed at 2 months. (Wait, you say, can't you just check the baby book? To that query I laugh. Baby book! My plan is to complete Greg's by the time he graduates high school). Anyway, he would have been over 15 pounds. Wowsers. No wonder we got tired carrying him around.

Speaking of Greg, he has just the most charming smile these days. I think he's been working on it. It lights up his whole face and just makes me melt. 

I feel so blessed. Every night before I go to sleep I go check on both of them (ya know, to make sure all is well in the respiration department) and just can't stop thinking about how lucky we are.

Could We Start Again, Please?

So I was reading some things I had written down around the time that Greg turned 1, and I realized there is so much that you forget about life. (The thing I was reading was about how one of Greg's first words was "Whoa!") I decided that I need to start regularly blogging, because it is an awesome way to keep a record of life.

So, starting today, I'm going to try and regularly blog about us and our crazy lives.