Saturday, November 13, 2010

And...It's November!

Bad blogger. I am a bad blogger.

Oh well. Mother Theresa said God doesn't call us to be successful, just faithful, right? So plow on I will.

OK so what have we missed? Well, basically all of October! I can't even remember what happened in October. I'm sure it was awesome. Right now there is an epic battle going on between Ironman and his nemesis in my living room, which is perhaps distracting me from being as eloquent as I normally am.

There was Halloween! That was definitely in October. Greg was (shock surprise) Ironman. Elise was SuperElise, superhero of the tropics.

Greg trick or treated for a surprisingly long time, and there was a whole bag of Reese's left over, so everyone was pretty happy.

Oh! I just remembered what took up most of October! Our basement is FINISHED! Omygoodness it's awesome. All the toys have been banished to the basement, and our living room looks fairly grown up again. Matt did such a phenomenal job. I should take some pictures of down there and post them. It's so nice to have the added space.

November is starting out well.  Matt and I helped lead our parish's Pre-Cana weekend, and we really enjoyed it. It's nice to get a chance to volunteer in the parish again. We've missed doing stuff like that together since we've had to stop helping out at youth group. The nice thing about Pre-Cana is that it is only twice a year, which is about all the commitment we can handle right now.

I've also officially launched Lizziebits Quilt Shop. WooHoo! The perfectionist in me kept finding things that needed to be fixed/added/changed before I could go "live" but I finally just did it. My brother, who is awesome, was my first sale. My house has been a bit messier since I've launched, but I'm enjoying it very much.

OK I must post again at least once more in November!