Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One Year to an Organized Life

So, that's the title of this book I got out from the library. She guides you through step by step on organizing various portions of your home/life.

She recommends beginning with a "dream board". Basically, a board that exemplifies what your vision of your home will be. That might not be a bad idea to do.

The month of February focuses on your bedroom. Now, I'm going to be trying to do a month's worth of recommended work in a week or I'm going to have missed the boat. I imagine that this desire to get everything done at once and my perfectionism are what have actually made me unorganized in the first place. Oh well.

So, here is what I'm supposed to do this week:
-- Diagnose my bedroom's shortcomings.
-- Devise a plan to transform the room.
-- Take a look at my wardrobe. Purge/Add.

(In the interest of avoiding plagiarism as well as to banish the voice of Sr. Elaine whispering "cite your source! site your source!, this all comes from the book One Year to an Organized Life, written by Leeds, Regina and published by Da Capa Press: Cambridge, MA. So take that MLA.)

As I sit in here, looking around, I'm trying to decide what would make this room the have I want it to be. Oh, and remember, I'm doing this frugally. Which means a budget of approximately $.50. I guess I'll start with what I like: the curtains and the duvet cover. I think it would be a lot more peaceful and relaxing if I repainted and hung some pictures on the wall. Also, the curtains need tiebacks. Mostly I think we need to figure out a new furniture situation. We've got three dressers (bureaus? chest of drawers? the various names make it quite a difficult search of Craigslist). We also have two endtables. It's way too much furniture for the room. I think if we got rid of two of the dressers (bureaus? chests of drawers?) and replaced them with one bigger dresser (I won't do it again) that would be a big help. And I think I'd also like to ditch the end tables. They aren't particularly attractive, and one isn't even next to the bed because we have the crib sidecarred to the bed. However, it is useful, so we'd need some sort of replacement for it for practical reasons.

OK, so, here is my plan:

1) Paint
2) Hang up pictures that are currently stacked in Matt's closest
3) Continue to search craigslist for a dresser that more adequately fits our needs
4) Figure out an endtable plan.

Hmm. That feels good.

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