Thursday, June 17, 2010

So Elise must have read my last posting, and decided to compete with her brother because she has been smiling up a storm. When she wakes in the morning, or from a nap, she gives a smile that lights her whole face. When she's sleepy she gets a little delirious and alternates between whimpers and smiles. So so sweet. Of course, second child syndrome being what it is, we haven't gotten a picture of her smiling.

We went to a 5K walk today to support research for childhood cancers (go Molly's Frogs!). It was a nice walk, with shockingly few tears. On the way home, Greg was apparently getting sleepy so he asked "Mommy, is it ok if I go to sleep?" Apparently I've tickled his feet a few too many times in an attempt to get him to stay awake after we are out so I can get him to nap when we get home.

Matt and I are watching The Tudors in order to fill some of the void Lost has left in our hearts. I am watching it now and also falling asleep,s so I guess I should end this for now.

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