Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to My Regularly Scheduled Programming

So how about a real blog post for ya there?

We're having a slow lazy day over here. Greg is sick with a cough and Elise is finally actually sleeping today (maybe making up for her non-napping day yesterday) and so I'm just here snuggling with Greg will he alternates between coughing and roaring in my face. So that's fun.

Matt started back to school, which is a bummer for me. It's so nice to have him home all summer. We're settling into a bit of a routine and trying to get in lots of outside time. Greg starts preschool in 10 days. Not that anyone's counting. He is very very excited to get back. Yesterday all the neighborhood kids started school and he was dying to get on the bus with them. While we waited for them to get off the bus, I asked him if he thought they had fun at their first day of school. He said: "Well, if it was a playing classroom, they had fun. If it was a learning classroom, it was boring." Uh-oh! I better enjoy his love of school now.

Greg's newest expression is "I was thinking about." It usually is his way of suggesting an activity we could do. Here's an example of how the conversation might go.

Me: OK bud! Time to lay down for your rest.
Him: Well, Mommy, I was actually thinking about going out to play with my friends.

The kid never ceases to make me laugh.

Over the last few weeks Elise has been in a "wonder week." It's apparently this developmental thing that causes babies not to sleep and mothers to go insane. She's doing better now, but it was rough going for a week or so. She's definitely done something developmental, though. Her faces are so full of expression now. At one point during the haze of her waking up a zillion times, I was trying to put her back to sleep by having her lie on my chest and suck on her pacifier. She was dozing off, but then looked up at me like "hmm...well, mom, as long as you're here, I guess a snack wouldn't hurt." And then last night as I was nursing her to sleep and I had to cough. After doing so, her eyes flew open and she gave me this look like "look, lady, there are people trying to sleep here."

In quilting news, I'm almost done Katie's quilt. I'm really quite pleased with how it turned out.  For your veiwing pleasure:

And because I can't write a post with out including a picture of my babies:

Go Phillies!

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