Sunday, August 29, 2010

Entry for Serger Giveway by Sew, Mama, Sew

I wrote this for a chance to win a gorgeous brand new Husqvarna serger from Sew, Mama, Sew (a fabulous blog for those who love to sew). See! Who ever said an English degree was useless?

Oh The Things I Could Sew
(inspired by Oh The Places You'll Go, by Dr. Seuss)

To Win a Husqvarna!
It would be my day.
I'd be off to Great Projects
I could sew sew away!

With the brains in my head
And the thread in my spool
I could mend or create,
I could sew like a fool.

I'll look round my house,
Look it over with care,
And find all the clothes my husband likes to wear.
With the brains in my head and the machine with it's feet
The seams of his pants' seats could once again meet.

My husband's britches often need stiches.

And not in the way that I've patched them before
With old scrappy scraps of bamboo velour.
But properly this time with my serger, for sure.

I know I know...does it help that it's organic bamboo velour?

When I've done all the mending
I could possibly do
In that case, of course,
I'll learn something brand new.

From a tutorial here
or a tutorial there
out there in the open wide
wide open blogosphere.

That's where things can happen
and frequently do
to people with a Husqvarna or two.

Sometimes it weeps remembering it's friends from the Husqvarna sewing gallery.

When these things start to happen
I won't worry or stew
I'll go right along
I'll start happening too.

Oh! The Things I Could Sew!

I'll begin with my son,
a boy all the way through,
He'll be a superhero in an
Ironman costume brand new.

He won't lag behind, because he'll have the speed
He'll pass all those bad guys and soon take the lead.
Where ever he flies he'll be the best of the best
With his super serged seams he will top all the rest.

Batman was so 2009. Ironman is where it's at, dude.

When I'm all done with that

and he's happily playing
I'll buy some bright fabric
and start girl clothing making.

With patterns galore
once more I will find
all the things that I need to
to make dresses one of a kind.

Wouldn't I look cute in a dress my mommy made me?
Oh! The Things I Will Sew! No more seams frayed for me.
Cloth napkins, cloth diapers -- I can't wait to see.
That magical serger and I'd have a ball.
It would make me the sewing-est sewer of all.

These diapers get a little jealous when they see diapers with serged soakers.
I'll get mixed up of course
as I already know
I'll get mixed up
with many wrong stitches I'll sew.
A seam ripper will aid where I've lacked
and I'll just remember sewing is a
Great Balancing Act
I'll never forget to be dexterous and strong.
And I'll never mix up my fabric's right side from it's wrong.

And will I succeed?
Yes! I will, indeed!
(98 and ¼ percent guaranteed).

Me? I'll sew mountains!

I'll be off to great places!
Today is my day!
I've got thread, fabric and pins.
All that's left now
is a serger to win!


  1. its fantastic. i will try to refrian from commenting on every post. are those bum genuis is see?

  2. Totally missed this comment. Actually, I sewed those myself. You like?